Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Excursions in Time & Space" is a FREE DOWNLOAD NOW!

BOOM! Da bomb has just exploded. After releasing the "Dub Antiquities" album, the mails started to drop in, first slowly then more and more. A big part of the mails were just congratulations and thanks by people who desperately wanted the old tracks during the past 2 years and couldn't find a way to get them. But I allways say "Work causes more work"... and so it was here. Because of the simple fact that "Dub Antiquities" is a selection of the best bits of the alionsonny musical past and in fact one which reflects my very own taste & perspective, it was just a matter of time until some folks told me, that her/his favorite song from the past was not in the selection. So i spent quite some time during the past 2 days, discussing how to handle the left over 26 tracks from the past, which were not selected for "Dub Antiquities". Should I make another "blast from the past" album? "Dub Antiquities Chapter II"? However I planned to solve this, I couldn't, because I simply didn't have enough of the old tracks in suitable quality to get them on an album of a quality which would be accepted by the retailers/shops.

So yesterday evening, over a glass of good red wine I decided to give away the discontinued album "Excursions in Time & Space" from 2006 for FREE. No, not just for a limitited time, no sweepstakes here. FREE means just free. the album is released under a Creative Commons License and so you can just download it and do with it whatever you want. And without any further words, here's a direct download link. Have Fun!

So, now we have found a solution for 26 of the 39 tracks of the 3 "problem albums". I'm sure, we'll find a solution for the leftover 13 tracks also, eh? ;)

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