Monday, May 21, 2012

Finally! You can now buy my music online!

While I am still working at my own shop, I found another way to distribute my music. That way is called Routenote. Routenote distributes my music (soon) via Amazon MP3, iTunes and emusic and their own distribution site Routenote Direct. And there you can allready buy the following albums:

XperiMental Reggae WorX (Remastered 2004)
Reggae? (2009)
Alion - The Original Soundtrack (2010)

Soo you will be also able to buy the album "Electronic Spacerock" (2010) there. The distribution via the MP3 portals mentioned above will take some time. I will inform you as soon as possible when this happens. Unfortunately I cannot distribute my other 3 albums "Early Xperiments in Dub", "This is not really Reggae" and "Excursions in Time & Space" with Routenote, because Routenote only accepts MP3s with a minimum quality of 192kbps and I don't have all songs of those albums in that quality and am, for various reasons, not able to re-render the tracks in the required quality. You can still order those albums directly from me. Just drop me a mail and we will find a way.

Now I am quite happy to have found that way of distribution and am waiting that you make me a rich man ;) And to do this, the best you can do is to visit my shop at Routenote by CLICKING HERE. Thanks for each purchase! It helps me to further produce music with full force.

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