Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Song "More than 2 sides (Reggae Version)" feat. Colin Mutchler!

Yes, it's been a while since I worked for the last time with an accapella of my good friend Colin Mutchler. I have quite a long history with Colin, in which I allways loved to mangle one of his accapellas he uploaded on CCMixter. It all began in the second year of the alionsonny project 2005 with my reggaeversion of "Language of my Reality" on the Skylarking Riddim and ended with my Eurotechno version of "More than 2 sides" in 2009. It has allready been planned back then to create more versions of "More than 2 sides" and as a matter of fact, the now released reggaeversion was allready on it's way as well as the not yet finnished and not yet released folkversion. Now, at a time where I want to release at least one new song for each part of the AlionLive Madeira series, I browsed thru my projects folder for allmost finnished and allmost ready for release songprojects und I stumbled across the allmost finnished reggaeversion of "More than 2 sides". Well, and I thought that the sunny feel of that track is absolutely perfect for AlionLive Madeira. Well, and now I finnished it, and it is rady for you to listen. Don't miss the soon comming part 3 of AlionLive madeira in which this song will be featured.

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