Monday, October 11, 2010

New song "Never born to follow" has been released!

Well, that was about time, eh? Over a month of silence between two song releases is not really a thing that should happen, but I needed the time for myself. Not that it is any of your business ;) but I started to take the treatment for my depression into my own hands and stopped taking those stupid pills. The result can be only described as full SUCCESS. Once I finnished the whole process, I'll maybe let you know about it all. But I can here and now safely say, that I am out of the biggest mess. A clear sign for that is my latest work "Never born to follow". I uploaded it on assorted websites on Thursday and Friday allready and the feedback is overwhelming. The audience allready confirmed, that this is maybe the by far best song I ever created. That's what I think too. The song has again a very strong influence of 80s music and also EBM, Techno anhd Synthpop. But why am I trying to describe how it sounds while you can listen to it yourself? This time I'll embed the Soundcloud songplayer for convienience:

The player will vanish someday, because my space on Soundcloud is limited and because of this I give you also the well known links which will ALLWAYS work:
Never born to follow - LISTEN
Never born to follow - DOWNLOAD

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