Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Song "Green Hills"

Well, I INDEED forgot to mention the new Song here on my own homepage out of all pages on the web. Is this still excusable? Well I think so, because I am only accountable to my self. And I think this is completely ok. And, hey: Better late than never, eh? And here it is: My latest song. Again it is somthing "reggaelike". Some folks allready said in forums or via mail, that this is indeed real Reggae. But, folks, I don't fall for that anymore. How often people told me that a song of mine was real Reggae, and then when I called it Reggae myself in forums etc., the result was the old and very well known "this is not really Reggae". ;) And know what? I don't really care if it is actually Reggae or not. It is my music, which you like or don't like. So all what's left for me is to hope that you like this new song. And if not? Well, dammit, that's how life goes :D

But now after all those words, let the music speak for itself:

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