Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunny Sunday

It has been a while since the sun was shining upon the north of germany for a longer time. If I did not miss anything it was cold and grey all the time at least since the first of December. So I was glad to be able to take a walk in the bright sunlight with my girl today. Yeah, that did good!

Not much at the creative side has happened since my last blogging. This is still due to the game "Fallout 3", which is so great that most of the sparetime in the past days was spent playing it. But who cares? I did not play much in the past months, so I do it now ;-)

One thing must be urgently done: Many people ask, why I left the reggae scene. I do not owe any justification to anyone for what I am doing anyway, but I want to describe my decision in detail though. I have more than just little interest in that no wrong assumptions come to life about my decision out there. It is not that way, that I suddenly hate reggae music. It is also by far not that way, that I did not get enough attention/appreciation from the reggae crowd. I never wanted to be a reggae star. I never expected anything from the reggae crowd in that direction. So the attention/appreciation I got is far more than I ever could have expected. The reasons for my decision are too complex to describe them in this blogentry. Because of this, I'll soon publish an extensive article that will set everything straight. So please don't send any questions about that topic anymore.

While we are at "questions by mail": People often ask about my healthstate via mail recently. My answer is: I AM WELL! Yeah, indeed nearly everything is well now. From what everything looked and felt like until mid of december, I would have not thought myself, that everything would go that well so fast, but YES, aside of a few sideefeects of the past illness everything is as it should be. Thanks for all the positive thoughts, prayers and what else some of you did: You may believe that it worked ;-)

I close this posting by embedding a song from the soundtrack of "Fallout 3". I LOVE this song:

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