Thursday, January 8, 2009

A quiet day

Last night me and my girl watched all episodes of "Kalkofe" we didn't watch until now on YouTube. Because of that I got out of bed at noon. Fortunately I had worked in advance during the past days and so no stress was generated off this. After all I must say, that this Kalkofe-Session was a double edged sword. Of cause it was funny as hell like allways, but on the other side it is shocking for people who didn't watch TV for more than 8 years. What a bunch of bullshit is present on german TV is by far not imaginable if one doesn't see it with own eyes. Worst of it all is, that it seems, that people let themselves get fooled and bullshitted without end. Shows where people allow to get their relationship destroyed, teleshopping where total trash is sold and nightly astroshows, where people pretend to be shamans, mediums and astrological consultants where you see not just a but that they lack intelligence big time. I mean: Who takes advise of a person who has obviously the IQ of a piece of bread? Who would think that such a person may have spiritual superpowers? That's heavy!

Ok, let's get away from the overall bad state of the intelligence-state of the population of germany: Today, when I surfed the web, I found something that really puzzled me. I am a big fan of the works by Douglas Adams and among other stories I found the description of the Currency called "Ningi" allways very amusing. But I never thought that a currency like the Ningi existed. At least not on Earth. Well today I was taught a Lesson. Please view this Wikipediaarticle and be amazed.

Nut much else happened today. I just finnished working at my day job and now relax with a good cup of green tea. I don't know how the evening goes on. Currently I try to upload some missing music videos at Unfortunately this site seems to use the same technology as Youtube, because the problems are exactly the same. Let's hope the best. Meanwhile I maybe work a bit at my lastest song. We'll see...

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