Friday, January 16, 2009 is complete so far

Done! The first version of my website is complete so far. This means, that there is no page of the site which shows a "under construction"-message anymore. The last missing part, the images section has just been finnished. First I wanted to implement that part, using a images widget from Sevenload. But I couldn't find how to do this on the Sevenload page and a question to the support was not answered for a couple of days. Because of this, I have now built it myself. The good thing at this is, that everything works without Flash. For now I have just put a small number of pictures there. More will follow as soon as possible.

Unfortunately I recognized, that the layout doesn't really work in the Internet Explorer (at least version 7) somehow. There's a not so nice space at the bottom of each page. I think that this is related to the "special way" in which the IE interprets the CSS boxmodel. I'll repair this sometime.

Next a donation link will be put on the site. This is, amongst other reasons, because of request by listener, who wanted to give something back. No, I am in no way against donations. They come more than handy. I too do not just live of the air I breathe and each cent that may come in from donators will leave me more time for making music, videos and other stuff. So you have a direct benefit from donating some cash.

I'll let you know when I implement the donate-link, more about why I give away my music for free instead of asking for money directly by selling my music. There's my special philosophy behind this. And I'll let you know more about this soon in the "about alionsonny"-section.

So, the website is finnished so far but not completely finnished. There is, for example, no way to download music and videos directly from my homepage currently. This was possible in the last version, and will work again soon. Also a complete list of my releases is missing currently . This will soon be there again. But one step after the other...

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