Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A sunny day

Today I took a complete day off work. This is a somewhat rare, but the good weather didn't leave me a chance. So me and my girl wandered down the Wandse (a little river that gives Hamburg-Wandsbek its name) in the sunshine. And man, it was cold! Not really, because I covered myself in multiple layers of clothing, but it was still f*cking cold.
The only Teashop which sells our favourite teas is located in Hamburg-Wandsbek, quite a long way down the river Wandse. This was the main reason for the direction of our walk. Additionally I had a chair that is best described as a torturing tool or a back-detruction-device recently in which I sat when I was working. Because of this I made the decision to replace it with a better one. So I did this today too. After all a really nice day. Sun, a few beers (I was a bit afraid that my lips freeze at the bottle for multiple times :D ), friendly dogs and folks and right now I sit in a, the product description of the seller says so, "presidents chair". Well, so I am a president now!!! So I declare mysel the president of the world now and I demand the end of all wars worldwide right now. Wow, this would be great...

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