Sunday, January 18, 2009

The first Song for 2009 is OUT: "Follow me up to Carlow"

After a creative break of about two months it is done again: A new song was released. It is my very own interpretation of the old irish folk tune "Follow me up to Carlow". And before anybody asks I answer upfront: Yes the very prominent and intense bassdrums are intended. They shall give a punch right in the face. I thought, I'll start this year with something that really punches the dust out of the bones. I have chosen this song as the first for 2009 because of many reasons. If you read the Wikipedia Article for the original version, you will maybe know what I mean with this. ;-)

So the first alionsonny album made up completely of irish folksongs is slowly on it's way. Maybe you noticed that all four albums released so far have 13 tracks on them. So it will be with this upcomming album too. So there are still six songs missing. But I have five songs in production. So it is only a thing of a few months ;-).

Enough words! Here's the new song: "Follow me up to Carlow"! DIRECT MP3-LINK

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