Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finally a new alionsonny Song: Flight of the Butterfly!

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Some thought again, the alionsonny project would be dead and buried, although the release of the last song "A Sunny Day" took place about just 3 months ago. Yes, some of my listeners are still living in those days in which pretty much I everything I created was released as an alionsonny release. And since I do no longer publish information about the releases of the projects Cimelium and Willma Poppen  at this Blog (as announced by the way) since quite a time, some even said I do no longer produce music at all anymore. Updates to the releases of these projects are recently announced in the  Cimelium Blog and the Willma Poppen Blog. The ultimate source for news about all alionmind records releases  will be the, recently not very well served, alionmind records Blog in the future. It is also recommended for Facebook users to "like" the alionsonny, Willma Poppen, Cimelium and alionmind records Facebook pages to immediately get news about the projects.

So much for the long preface. Yes, the alionsonny project is alive and there are already several songs in progress to complete the long-awaited new alionsonny album. The reception of the last  alionsonny release "A Sunny Day" was absolutely stunning. So many listeners wrote me that they like the song, and even more stunned me, that some amongst those people were not really lovers of my music before. Longtime listeners even believed, as a Facebook friend nailed it, that the alionsonny sound "finally grew up".  What a slap in the face must the latest release "Flight of the Butterfly" be for those who thought so? This song once more is a very experimental creation, which certainly allows comparisons with the early early days of the project. Why does he do that? Well, I just was in the mood for a experimenting again. And since I had just completed a rather experimental piece for Willma Poppen shortly before beginning work on "Flight of the Butterfly", I was still in the ultra creative mode, so everything went not just a bit experimental again.

As I said more alionsonny releases and the completion of the new album (still without a name) are planned for the near future. But for now, here is the new song:

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