Monday, March 4, 2013

The first AlionLive in Full HD -> Day 4 of AlionLive return 2 Madeira is here!

Because my computer is quite fast now, I thought I will do the next logical step and release my videos in Full HD instead of 720p from now on. This eats up more harddisk space, rendertime and uploadtime, but there's nothing too much for my beloved audience. Was that too over-egged now? Anyway: Because of this, AlionLive is now even more pretty, colorfull, louder and unbeatable against foot odor. And to the critics, who analize the video and say that this is NEVER a bitrate for Full HD: Ir's not my fault, that my camcorder just does 15.000 maximum bitrate. If you want to sponsor me a better camcorder, you are welcome... exclusive adverts included. ;)

What you will see in the video? Good news for all those who get stomach cramps and diarrhea with vomiting when they see my pretty face: I'm not visible right from the start... but later. The video starts with very nice and very colofull flowers. Then we make our way to the Parque Ecologico do Funchal and experience a looong and exhausting hike across the plateau north of Funchal. During this we see beautiful, shocking and breathtaking vistas over Funchal and the wild mountainous landscape of Madeira. At the end the weatherconditions went apocalyptic, and that's no exaggeration, and prevented me from filming further. The video closes with a busride of about 15 minutes from Mote down to Funchal in the evening and some impressions from a nice meal at the incomparable O Dragoeiro.

The music is, with the exception of two tracks, from Cimelium and mostly from the album "Mesopotamia". But also the two new candidates for the upcomming "Madeira" album are present. "Pico Ruivo" even twice. The two exceptions are the two latest tracks by Willma Poppen "Apocalypso 2012" and "Madeira". By the way: I do not (yet) sell singles. Please tell me if you would like me to do it and I will... think about it ;)

And now, much fun in Madeira!

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