Tuesday, March 19, 2013

AlionLive Return 2 Madeira - Day five - Busride from Funchal to Canical is here!

I decided to divide the video material of my fifth day in Madeira 2012 into two part, part 5A and part 5B. You allready know that from the 2011 "AlionLive Madeira" series. On that day I took the bus from Funchal to Canical and it was rainy weather. The destination was the most eastern point of the island one can get to by bus or car. The nearer I got to my destinatio, the better the weather was and at the end I got a real good dose of blue sky and sunshine. The part I present here is part 5A and is all about the busride. I did not completely film the busride, because I think you know the center of Funchal from a bus view quite good by now. And this is why I started filming later. Still a whole hour of video is the result. The complete busride took about 1 1/2 hours. In the next part, 5B, I will show you the hike.

The soundtrack is partly from the 2009 alionsonny album "Reggae?" and partly tracks destined for the new alionsonny album. Of cause also the brandnew alionsonny track "A Sunny Day" is featured.

Here's the tracklist:
01 - alionsonny - Madeira
02 - alionsonny - A Sunny Day
03 - alionsonny - Drunken Joe In Love
04 - alionsonny - Dr. Funkenstein (Album "Reggae?")
05 - alionsonny - Bulletprrof
06 - alionsonny - Springtime 2009 (Album "Reggae?")
07 - alionsonny - Going Bonkers
08 - alionsonny - Behold The Crest(Album "Reggae?")
09 - alionsonny - Nero d' Avola
10 - alionsonny - Talking Cat
11 - alionsonny - Life goes ON!(Album "Reggae?")

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