Sunday, July 6, 2014

The end of the alionsonny music video channel!

Now you have to be very brave: The alionsonny music video channel with the old SD videos will cease to exist. It was somewhat hard for me to kill this legendary institution. Thank you for 7614 views and the 26 subscribers for almost 7 years of loyalty. Why is that now? The reason is a very good one, and I am sure you will like it: There is a brand new alionmind records Youtube channel, on which you will from now on find the music videos of the projects alionsonny, Cimelium and Willma Poppen. This is mainly because of "organization reasons". On this channel you will be able to watch all the old videos in one place. But the best is yet to come: I'll try to upload videos for all released tracks of the 3 projects. Is this guy now completely insane? To create elaborate videos for the whole repertoire is a work that takes forever! Yes, absolutely right! And that's why there will not be elaborate videos for all the tracks. Most so-called music videos on Youtube are on the  ​​visual side just still images and no one seems to care about that much. For the very old tracks, especially those on the free albums, I'll do exactly that. For the newer ones, I will decide depending on the case, whether I will create a simple visualization or an elaborate video.

So, these are the news. Please don't forget to subscribe to the new alionmind  records channel, so you are always not up to date. This is especially true for those who had already subscribed to the old channel. See you on Youtube!

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