Sunday, June 23, 2013

AlionLive - Bike ride from Hamburg to Ratzeburg and Mölln - Part 2 is here!

Yes, of course: "Madeira AlionLive Return 2" will be continued. However, due to organizing "stuff", it was somewhat more favourable to first get the second part of the tour finished. We start exactly  where we left off in the first part and go from Luetjensee all the way to Mölln. This time there is even more shaky filming from the bike, but since this mainly took place on a more or less developed routes this time, the camera should not be still shaky, but somewhat less than if you go offroad. The soundtrack consists this time of a colorful mixture of songs from alionsonny, Willma Poppen and Cimelium. Even Willma Poppen's latest release "RaumReise" is featured.

The soundtrack in detail:
  1. Cimelium - Cais do Sardinha (Album: Madeira)
  2. alionsonny - Flowers (Album: Electronic Spacerock)
  3. Cimelium - Pico Ruivo (Album: Madeira)
  4. Cimelium - Cimelium - Parque do Lido 6:30 am (Album: Madeira)
  5. alionsonny - Versionist Dub (Album: Dub Antiquities)
  6. Willma Poppen - RaumReise (Album: Willma im Wunderland)
If somebody likes to buy the music:
The albums "Electronic Spacerock" and "Dub Antiquities" by
alionsonny are avaiable on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify and
Routenote. The album "Madeira" by Cimelium and "Willma im Wunderland"
by Willma Poppen are to be released in 2013.

And here is the video:

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