Saturday, October 20, 2012

Next-to-last track for the Cimelium album, "Enlil", has been released!

Ok, folks: I wrote all the stuff for the Cimelium blog allready, but most of you seem not to be able to visit this official Cimelium Blog ;). This is why I still have to announce news about the Cimelium project here also. But since I have loads of stuff to do and am too lazy to write a new blog entry for this blog, I simply copy & paste the Cimelium blog entry here:
With giant steps I head towards the release of the "Mesopotamia" album. Only one more track and we are ready to go. The track "Enlil", which I uploaded yesterday allready and just somehow forgot to promote at the blogs, is again somewhat different than the other tracks. It is, what i call a "free floater", which means, that there's no prominent and particular melody line or alike, but just a floating carpet of sound. It mainly consists only of a pad-synth which I sampled and then mangled thru a sequence of effects units which are constantly automated to achieve an evolving soundscape. Still I added some string-instrument arpeggio and some majestic brass-thingies to enhance the listening experience. Well, again i hope you enjoy what you hear and I'll do my best to finnish that remaining song for the album this weekend so the album can be released next week.

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