Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dances with Bears: Willma Poppen did it again!

And once again there's new sounds from the Willma Poppen Project. If you followed the project so far, you will know, that there is just one track to do until the first Willma Poppen album will be released. Well, we've come a long way, eh? Also the frontpage of the coverart is allready done and you see it at the top of this posting. I must confess, that my creative share at creating it is rather small, as it is a very old painting depicting the french revolution. To all my envious "haters": Forget it: The man who painted this has gone to his forefathers over 100 years ago. So there's no way to sue me over this ;)

The current song with the nice title "Disco Bear" again is a collaborative work with my partners from the project. And so, without any more words we will enjoy the nice sounds of another Willma Poppen song. Enjoy!

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