Saturday, June 2, 2012

AlionLive Madeira - Part 8 - Santa Maria de Colombo is online!

Yeah, it is quite a time, since I uploaded part 7. Some personal problems simply kept me from doings stuff, but now I am back again with full force. Well, and then there was another thing which made me intentionally not upload that video earlier. Some time ago my internet provider offered me a VDSL 50 line for the same price as my old ADSL 3000 line. I instantly said yes, because, especially when uploading videos, connection speed matters. And how annoying it was to be forced to cut longer videos into portions of 15 minutes length, so I got part Xa to Xb. This was, because a 15 minutes video usually took 5 hours (!!!) to upload. Ok, recently I got it down to 3-4 hours with a more efficient compression, but that was still too much. With my new connection, I get a video, which formerly took 5 hours to upload, uploaded in 11 minutes (!!!). And this is why I got the new part, part 8, with it's 50 minutes playtime, uploaded in 33 Minutes. That's just great!

Ok, part 8 is about the trip on the replica of the ship Santa Maria on which Columbus sailed toAmerica and which I announce in the last 2 parts. The background music is from my orchestral soundtrack album "Alion - The Original Soundtrack", about which you can read in this older blog post. The album is, like 3 other albums of mine, available for sale on my Routenote shop and soon on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rdio, Spotify and many other sites. And now, without futher words, 50 minutes of AlionLive Madeira in one piece. get something to drink and eat, because this will be a looong ride ;)

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