Saturday, June 30, 2012

AlionLive Madeira Part 10 is online!

Done! This was really a lot of material I had to edit. The source material was about 1 hour and 20 minutes and has been edited down to about 50 minutes. This part is a bout a visit to the botanical garden of Funchal and those who know me, know what it means if an alionsonny armed with a video camera ends up at a place full of interesting plants and beautiful flowers. There's much to see, especiall flowers and plants and... flowers. I decided to divide this day of the trip into two separate videos. So, note: There will be again part 10-A and 10-B. Why that? Well, after walking thru the botanical garden, we didn't feel like walking back all the way to Funchal center on our feet and took a bus. Riding a bus at Madeira is a very special adventure, so I didn't want that busride to be overlooked in all those plants and flowers. And so to make sure, you do not miss that furious busride, I decided to put it in a separate. This video will soon be uploaded. But now have much fun with the impressions from the Jardim Botanico in Funchal! Edit: Youtube seems to have some troubles today and shows an Content Encoding Error instead of the embedded video. If so, just visit this link: 

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