Friday, March 23, 2012

Musically schizophrenia is FUN!

I warned you! Because of the perpetual moaning and groaning about my musical style escapades, I was forced to think about a solution and now I got it nailed. Huh? Don't worry: You will understand it soon enough .. or maybe not ;) Those who thought that Cimelium was already the end of the story about what could be achieved, and that from now on nothing particularly new would happen, will now be shocked: Here is TUBENWURST! Let me translate this to English: It means something like saussage out of a tube, like toothpaste. Tasty and not always agreeable, but Nutritious! Decades of work at the Alion Space Labs have created a marvel of musical spacefood, which sets new standards. A good mix of influences of electronic music from the recent decades, coupled with the confused mind of the Creator of TUBENWURST give a flavor of electronic sound art, which is appreciated only by true gourmets. YOU belong to? Just try it. The handy sample pack of TUBENWURST, can be enjoyed just at home, traveling, doing sports and games, or maybe at work. It provides energy, but also mental confusion in a matter of seconds.
WHAT IS THAT SHIT? Quite simple, my dear friends: I am talking about my latest music project. As I already mentioned several times, I am ,due to the fact that my sheer repertoire of various styles of music not only confuses people, but also makes some people angry, forced to split my artistic identity alionsonny into many. So far there are Willma Poppen known for merciless candy-pop-techno, Cimelium for the calm & spacy sounds and of cause still alionsonny for everything that is reggaelike. But what about the kind of music, for example, you find on the very popular album "Electronic Space Rock"? The demand for an album with music of this kind is certainly not just small and it is fun to me to mix influences from rock and pop music of the last 4-5 decades, with a dash of 80's feel and a good shot of crazyness and let the result do it's devastating job to the the synapses of my defenseless audience. Yesterday, I consumed 3 jugs of ultra strong coffee and then flew with my loved one through the warm spring air while enjoying some beers. I was looking for a music project title, under which I could publish my latest musical work. So we did what is called brainstorming and had probably hundreds or even thousands of fully stupid ideas, until we came up with one that was so profoundly stupid that we had to just love it: TUBENWURST!
Fine! Since you now know the fascinating history ... HAAAAALT! What did Sonny just say? New musical work? Yes, my dears: There is something new and it has what it takes. It is a work that is truly worthy of being the first song of the project TUBENWURST. There's an interesting story behind this: Imagine a raw electronic beat and Sonny sitting in front of his studio computer, heavily tired, because he gets up very early in the morning in solidarity with his girlfriend, who has to get up very early to work. And there he is now and has promised his audience to create a new song for each part of AlionLive Madeira. The raw beat on the screen ... thoughts and creativity do not seem to want to flow at all ... IDEA! A STRONG COFFEE! Said and done: Sonny made a coffee that was so strong that others would instantly get a heartattack from just a looking at it and drank it. And voila: The creativity machine started to work. The beat became a verse, arpeggios were building upon it, effects were softly placed like silk sheets over it... Crap! Not enough energy! One more coffee! Said and done: Another energy drink suitable for for elephants! Now the notes flew just like that of the vibrating skull into the computer. Yikes, almost finished! ANOTHER COFFEE? ALWAYS! Well, after this third pot of nuclear coffee I felt as if I was going to explode soon ... But suddenly the song was finished. And it also had a title allready, namely "3 Kannen Kaffee" (Three Pots Of Coffee). My girlfriend thinks it is good title, because that's how it sounds. I recommend not trying to dance to it, because cardiologists always look forward to new customers ;) And here, after all the words .. FINALLY! The project TUBENWURST, and it's first song "3 Kannen Kaffee"! A web site for the project is also coming soon!

3 Kannen Kaffee by TUBENWURST

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