Tuesday, March 6, 2012

AlionLive Madeira Teil 4 - The Wild Heartland is available!

The fouth part of AlionLive Madeira was too long to fit into one video of 15 minutes length. Because of that, there is two videos for that day of my trip to Madeira, which is part 4-A and 4-B which you find embedded below. This part features impressions of a guided hike to the wild heartland of Madeira near Rabacal. This time the music is from my project "Cimelium" and of cause the brandnew song "Rabacal" is featured in the video. And by the way: Don't blame me that Youtube allways chooses an image where I hold a beer bottle into the camera as the preview picture. This is not intended, tho I find it funny ;) In the end you know the slogan: NO ALIONLIVE WITHOUT BEER!

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