Sunday, June 19, 2011

Progress at /

Ok, not really much has happened. I fixed some stuff at the database backend which bothered me since quite a time. One of the most annoying things has been fixed also. I regularly got complaints, mostly by idiots who wanted to show how "smart" they think they are. Why I think this? Because those complains came mostly as replies to forum posts I wrote some idiots didn't like so much. They came like "hey, before you say anything, why not fix your buggy website" etc.
It was not really a big thing, because most people were able to view the website without a problem, including me. Still those folks showed me sometimes screenshots etc. and first I thought it was a browser specific problem, eventhough I wondered how a browser specific problem could cause PHP or MySQL errors. Yesterday a friendly person gave me a hint in the right direction. He said, that the trouble happens, if the site is browsed by entering ,for example, without the www. part. From that moment on I pretty much knew where the error was caused. But seriously: I never browsed a website without entering the www. part. So to make it short: That strange error should be fixed now. If you find any more errors, glitches, bugs or other ugly stuff, please let me know.
I allready know about the trashed CSS layout on the song detail pages. I'll fix that next.

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