Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Musicians wanted for AlionLive!

Today I have something very different for you than usually. Many of you might know my new video format AlionLive. If not, then have a look at it now. Each part of an episode of AlionLive is due to the maximum upload size of Youtube just under 15 minutes long and so far I have always accompanied it with my own music. Yesterday I got the idea to now also offer the possibility to other musicians to get their music featured in AlionLive episodes, and gain additional people to get to know about the music of rather lesser-known artists. And if I know one, then it is that independent artists who do not have a major record deal, can not have enough, namely promotion. And this I would like to provide to you, dear reader, if you are a musician. If you are concerned that unscrupulous people then just steal the music from the video and may no longer buy your MP3s, I can reassure you. Since I more or less talk over the music, the whole would be more of a mixed blessing ;). So what are you waiting for? Your music could already be presented in the next AlionLive episode. On request, a link to your website is displayed or a purchase link to the MP3. So you can directly gain new customers from AlionLive. The whole thing is very simple: You send an email to alionsonny@alionsonny.com and possible high-quality version of the song you like to have presented at AlionLive. We will discuss everything else then. I look forward to your mail! Ah, and by the way: This is all for free!

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