Friday, November 5, 2010

New Song "80's 4 Ever" has been released!

Yes, again it took a bit of time, but a new song titled "80's 4 Ever" has been released. To be exactly, it has been released yesterday allready and all who follow my news on Twitter, Facebook etc. were the the first to know about it. Why does the news appear here one day later? Well some stuff happened... There's not much to say about the new song. The title "80's 4 Ever" says it all. Again it is 80's style Synthpop music. Yes, I do quite a lot of music in that style recently, but don't worry: All my other styles will be back some day. Currently I have lot's of fun doing 80's style Synthpop music, that's it. But there's some more about the release of this new song. It is the last song I needed for the release of a brandnew complete album with music of that genre. This means, soon a new alionsonny album will be released. The working title (and most probably the final title) will be "Electronic Spacerock". The album release may take some time as I have to do some nice covergraphics first. The concept for the graphics is allready finnished, so I just have to create it.

But enough words, here's the new song. Again I embed the Soundcloud player, which will no longer work once I have to delete this song from my limited space at Soundcloud to free up space for another one:

If this happens, the old trusted links below will still work:
80's 4 Ever - LISTEN
80's 4 Ever - DOWNLOAD

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