Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Song: A Day At Ligeia Mare Beach

I released a new technolike teack again: My new song "A Day At Ligeia Mare Beach" is in no way reggaelike like "Mountainbiking on Mars" from the year 2005, but is indeed some kind of a sequel of it. Actually I planned to do a songseries like the "Drunken Joe" series in which I wanted to thematize several leisure activities on the celestial bodies in our solar system. Unfortunately that plan got lost over the years and the several other projects. When I read about the methane lakes on the saturn moon Titan recently and was working at the technolike track you are about to listen to, I had the idea to bring that old plan from 2005 to life again. I must say that I managed it quite well to catch the virtual athmosphere of a day at the beach of a methane lake on Titan. The song sounds cool, in fact ice cold and at the same time like sun and beach. Well, listen for yourself:
A Day At Ligeia Mare Beach - LISTEN
A Day At Ligeia Mare Beach - DOWNLOAD

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