Thursday, August 13, 2009

Entomologia II - Song and Video online!

This time I decided to update the blog ie the new on in one go for the song and the video. The song was actually ready two days ago, but I decided to upload it today with the video. People, who follow my updates on Twitter knew much earlier about it all. If you, dear reader want to be amongst those who get all news about all I do before all the others get them. just just follow my Updates on Twitter... if you, have a Twitter account.

The first chapter of the Entomologia-Series was published in late May and there was also a video for the first chapter. Now the second chapter has been published, which shares the topic of the first part and also its musical style: Videotopic = Insects, Music = Techno in a Trance style. As allways it is all for free and can be downloaded from various sources on the web.

The Soundtrack/Song:
and here is the video:

This time I embedded the video from YouTube, because Vimeo lost it's advances over YouTube in things like videoquality (compression) compared with YouTube. At all some things have changed at Vimeo since the PLUS pay-accounts have been established, for all freeriders and those changes were no positive ones. For example: One has to wait in line for videos to be encoded, because videos of paying members are encoded first. This takes a looong time recently. In the case of the "Entomologia II" video I had to wait about two hours after the video was allready uploaded until it was encoded. Additionally Vimeo cutted the possibility for freeriders that visitors could download the original uploaded video. Well, I understand that Vimeo must have an eye on the costs and that they want to make money. But this eliminates all advences Vimeo had compared with Youtube in the past. This means: From now on I'll embed my videos from YouTube, because YouTube got better in many aspects. Uploads do no longer time out and are processed in acceptable time and the results of encoding are no longer as bad as they were some months ago.

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