Thursday, January 24, 2013

alionsonny's "Dub Antiquities" - A new old album

A while ago, i told you about a little problem I have with my older albums. Because of different reasons, i do not have MP3 versions of all titles on those albums in a quality suitable for the online shops. For example, my distributor Routenote only accepts MP3s in a quality of 192 kbps or better. To make it short: I cannot distribute my old albums "Early Xperiments in Dub", "This is not really Reggae" and "Excursions in Time & Space" in their current form via Amazon, iTunes etc. Still many people ask where they can buy the old albums. Problem...

Or not a problem at all, because I now made a very easy and logical decision: All tracks from the old albums of which i do not have a sufficient MP3, a wave audio or the original project file will be soon released on a FREE album, which will of cause please all the freeriders. Yes, this will be a absolutely free download. And what about the other tracks? They will be published on one ot two new albums. If i like the sound of the existing versions, they go directly on the new album, otherwise they will get a remix. Some of the old stuff sounds really awfull and needs some work.

And now REAL good news: I allready compiled the traditional 13 tracks for the first "new old album". It is 9 tracks from the album "This is not really Reggae" and 4 from the album "Early Xperiments in Dub". 5 of the tracks have more or less been remixed and got a more or less extensive overhaul.

The album will be out in the shops, depending on how fast the folks at Routenote get the album pushed to the shops this time. If you can't wait at all, you can order allways directly from me.

The album title is "Dub Antiquities" and it will contain the following tracks:

01. Individuality (Original)
02. Terra (Original)
03. Malina Dub (Original)
04. Mountainbiking on Mars (Original)
05. Fyah pon everything (Original)
06. Revolution NOW! (Original)
07. Versionist Dub (Original)
08. Walking Dub (2012 Remix)
09. Drunken Joe in Space (Original)
10. Flying Dutchman dub (2012 Remix)
11. Interstellar Travel (Original)
12. Mandala (Original)
13. Walking Dub (2012 Remix)

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