Saturday, August 25, 2012

New song by Cimelium, "Ad Hominem", has just been released!

While not just a few folks are waiting for the first album "Mesopotamia" by Cimelium, a new song with the title "Ad Hominem" has been released out of the order. After all that song has been finnished quite a while ago. It was just, that I allways thought I could add something to it and make it less repetitive. But each try to add something to the existing work ended in that I felt it was disturbing the flow of the whole piece. Today i decided, that the song is good as it is and when my girlfriend agreed on this, i decided to just release it as it is. Now just a few people will ask, where they can buy it. My answer is: Well, I don't like to sell single songs much, and prefer to sell them on complete albums. SHOULD there be a considerable number of requests for a way to buy that song, I'll will make it happen that you can buy it from iTunes, Amazon etc. So, if you are interested in buying that piece of music, just let me know about it via the well known means of communication or just write a comment below that blogentry. Otherwise the song will be released on one of the future Cimelium albums. And there we are again at the topic "Cimelium album": Yes it will be released soon! But the fans of Willma Poppen are also waiting for their album and are, because of that, getting on my nerves why nothing is happening there. Additionally I am also working at the new alionsonny album, for which also a serious number of folks are waiting, and I am also working at some other project about which i talked too much so people are bothering me about them too. Well, I could write on and on and on about what you people out there are waiting for, but I prefer to showcase the latest song of Cimelium. Here is "Ad Hominem"! Enjoy!

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