Sunday, July 15, 2012

News from Willma Poppen - Poppin' All over The World

Yes, AGAIN... Well, some of you will say FINALLY! However: The dreamteam of superb Popp-Techno once again came together to set the dancefloor on fire. The ne track goes back to the very sound roots of the project and thus those will enjoy it most, who faithfully stood by our side (or in our way ;) ) since the first soundwave by our project was created. And that#s not all good news from the Wilma Poppen project. The next song is also allmost ready. Just a bit of polishing, and then also this song will be ready for you to listen. Just for listening... but no downloading, some of you will complain. What was the original intention of the project back then again? TO GET RICH! YEAH! But we will not get rich, if we give away everything for free. THEN PRODUCE AN ALBUM, SO WE CAN BUY IT! Yesyesyes, we are allready working at it. But because of good old tradition of the project founder (c'est moi), there are 13 magical tracks on each album. So let me think: The current released song is the 8th. With the allmost done one it is 9 tracks. So 4 are still missing. I bet you'll have the patience to wait for them to be finnished. It will take no additional 7 years, promised. But here and now our new track! Have fun!

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