Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Project "alionsonny's Audio Arsenal"!

Yes, here is something really new for you, especially for the musicians amongst you who work in the field of digital audio production. Over the years, I did digital music production, I collected a huge collection of free VST Plugins and other free audio software. No, I don't talk about the illegal, virus infested stuff, but legal free software. Often I have benn asked by fellow musicians, to publish a list of all that free stuff with download URLs. I have done this various times on various forums, but now I found a way to make it all a lot easier. I created the Blog "alionsonny's Audio Arsenal" and will from now on post a presentation of at least one free VST or Audiotool per day. Today I started with the indispensable Triangle II VST Synthesizer Plugin. Simply visit the Blog, preferably on a daaily basis.

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