Monday, April 23, 2012

News from Willma Poppen!

Yes, it has really happened. Some people thought this project was dead, others simply knew, that it is immortal. We are talking about Willma poppen a project of alionsonny and some friends who prefer to stay anonymous for good reasons. And it is those friends who are the reason why releases by this, by the way quite popular, project are quite rare. Those friends are not willing or unable to invest more of their most valued time into the project. But now it has happened once more: An elaborate (no, Sven, it is not ejaculate!) of the relentless force of consequently sweet Pop-Techno has come to the dull light of the world. And maybe, really maybe, the Willma poppen Project will also release an album, before the folks it consists of, who are without exception old farts who have a very unhealthy lifestyle, cease to exist. Well and here without any more words, the new song by Willma Poppen which is titled "Popp-Eye"

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