Sunday, February 19, 2012

AlionLive Madeira - Part 3 is ready for you!

Well, most of you mostprobably know about it allready, because in fact the video has been uploaded 3 days ago. Why do I mention it just now? Well, let's say, I hate some private not so nice issues to go thru, and because of that, not everything went as it was supposed to do. But enough of that! Yes, AlionLive Madeira is availble for watching now. This time the video is again about a hike thru the suburbs of Funchal, along the mountain chain in the north and back to Funchal center. This time you are also finally able to see me live & alive directly from Madeira and of cause there's also some fantastic nature views and MUSIC: I promised you, that I will create at least one new song for each part of AlionLive (except for the introduction part) and this time it is my Reggae version of "More than 2 sides" with Colin Mutchler. Most of you will know about this also. But now, witout any more talk, to the video:

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