Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why is nothing happening here? Where's the music?

No, dear friends of my music, dear listeners, I am not lost without trace and of cause I have not given up making music. As my true fans know, I am quite versatile and do loads of different stuff. And amongst all that I am a programmer / software developer and currently I am on that path again. I am working at an old dream of mine, my fractal generator AlionFractal. Only a few folks know about the first version of that software which I made, for several reasons, only available to a assorted group of people. Now I am working hard on version 2 of AlionFractal, the first official version. I am having loads of fun working at that project and so I simply didn't find the time to work at new music. Of cause I am working at some songs from time to time, but it was not enough to publish a song. Well, currently I am approaching a milestone in my software projects development, and once that milestone is reached, I'll for sure publish some new music. So you really don't have to wait very long for a new release. If you want to read about my progress at my software project, just visit my software development blog (currently ONLY IN GERMAN), by following this link.

1 comment:

  1. Blessings Bredg
    Very Glad i found my way here today to your site.
    I had no idea it existed.
    Looks Great...the site that is.
    Just wanna give a Big Ups!!!
    Best and Bless on everything in the future.
    Enjoyed reading why you give your music away for free and couldn't agree more with ya!
    Best and Bless form the dub alchemist!
    Forward Bredg Always in Jah site!