Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Song "Drunken Joe... in Love" has been released!

Yes yes, once more a new song release is announced relatively late on But, well, better late than never. The new song is a Reggae production, to be exactly, the fourth part of the "Drunken Joe"-Saga. It all began in the year 2004, the year in which the alionsonny project was born with the song "Drunken Joe on his Journey home" and was continued in 2005 with "Drunken Joe at the Dancehall" and 2006 with "Drunken Joe in Space". Since then, many listeners asked, when the "Drunken Joe"-Saga will continue. Well, now it happened and as many listeners allready told me, it is a 100% fitting new chapter of the "Drunken Joe"-Saga. As allways there's a bit of a story behind this song which tells an episode of the life of Drunken Joe. Since the beginnig of Joe's journey through the world of heavy drinking, Joe was looking for a woman who could keep up with him at the art of heavy drinking. The problem allways was, that the women he met allways failled miserably in keeping up with his drinking behaviour. A short while ago, Joe met Josephine, a woman who starts with three bottles of whiskey as an appetizer. Joe is now absolutely happy to have found his true love. Together they now stumble thru the colorfull world of high grade boozerism. And this new chapter of the saga is a perfect soundtrack for their love. Enough words, here's the song:
Drunken Joe...In Love (The Adventures of Drunken Joe - Chapter 4) by alionsonny
and here the indestructible links at
Drunken Love - LISTEN
Drunken Love - DOWNLOAD

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