Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Song: Sunrise

I have spend most of the time recently working at the musicvideo for "Meditation Two" in Blender, a really epic project. But still I found the time to get a new song, called "Sunrise", ready for release.

It is what people call Chillout- or Ambientmusic these days, and so it is a very calm and relaxing song. First I thought about making it part 3 of the "Alion Meditation"-Series, but after all I decided that it would not fit that good.

But enough words. Let the music speak for itself:

Sunrise - STREAM

Sunrise - DOWNLOAD

A few words for those who are worried about the fact that nothing happened at the projects "Alion Original Soundtrack" and "Classic Reggae Riddms Orcastrated". I am of cause still working at those projects, stay tuned...

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