Monday, February 15, 2010

New song release: Hava Nagila

My latest song is an old jewish Klezmer (Folk) song I wanted to cover for quite a looong time. Last week I finally had an idea how to do it in a new style. And the result is a reggaelike track again.Strangely after I had the basic melody done, it was less work than expected. The ideas were there right when I needed them. I would say, I did this track in less then a tenth of the time I usually spend on producing a song. Still it is, as I think, one of the best mixed and arranged productions I ever did. I think I must do more jewish folk music. In fact I have allready some songs of that kind on my list. But on the other hand, I have at least an album of other songs which need just some polishing to be ready for release. We'll see... For now have fun with "Hava Nagila":


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