Friday, October 30, 2009

Call for Help (Support)

Hi Folks,
this is a call for help, something, I think you would have never imagined to read from me. But heavy conditions require heavy actions. To me, begging you out there for help is a heavy thing. Ok, so I'll describe what makes me doing that step:

Since 2007 I was self employed (freelancer), because I was offered some work at project from companies mainly from the US. I decided to become self employed, because the company I was working full time for at this time was about to go bancrupt. So instead of becomming unemployed I prefered to become self employed... with all the risk this carries inside. For the first year, everything went fine. It was not making me a rich man, but my girl and me could live of the cash comming in. But after a year two of the main contractors told me without prior notice, that the projects I was working at were either finnished or the staff was reduced. This caused far less money comming in and I wasn't able to pay our healthinsurance anymore. Well, we felt quite healthy back then and so this wasn't nice, but also no big deal.

In December 2009 one by one the other companies giving me work told that they cannot afford to pay me anymore. This process went on, until in June 2009 I had allmost no contractors anymore giving me work. I tried everything to acquire new contracts/work to do with little to no success. So at start of September it was unavoidable to report my girl and me as unemployed to the unemployment office, so they pay us at least unemployment benefit to have food and pay our rent. All the liitle cash I had saved on my bankaccount for "harder days" was used up. But now the REAL SH*T started: The folks at the unemployment office told us, that in order to get unemployment benefit, we need a health insurance. So we tried to get one, but all insurance companies
refused to give us health insurance. There's a law in germany since (I think so) 2007, which tells health insurance companies, that they must give a health insuranceto any german with no regard to if he had one before and no regard to financial or employment status. First the companies we called were trying to fool us by telling us the opposite. Well after I told them, that there's the law mentioned above, they started playing on time. This means they delay everything. And the unemployment office tells that they can't help it: They cannot pay us unemployment benefit unless we have health insurance. I think you get the problem.

So since September we are totally out of cash and weren't able o pay the rent. We get some support from neighbors and friends to at least have a bit of food on the table. But the landlord says we're gonna be kicked out of our flat if we do not pay the rent. Additionally (how fitting to the overall sh*t) my health is going down the drain. Not just that I am in a deeep depression, but also I have pain allmost everywhere in my body. I have (I think it is called that way) vertigo which makes for example a risky thing to ride a bike. I feel weak as sh*t am allways tired. Not the state I love to be in as you can imagine.

To keep it as short as possible: This is a call for help going to all the people out there who like my music, me or for whatever reason are willing to help. You know that I usually like to be the "tuff guy" and this doesn't suit me well, eh? I wrestled for quite a time with my "foolish pride" until I even typed this text. I do not like to beg, but it is the last thing I can do now. So please, if you want and can: Donate something to my Paypal account (

IMPORTANT: I would prefer if you had something to work for you, because I prefer to work for cash. Most of you know about the several skills I have and event tho I am not feeling very well these days, I am still able to work.... my girl says the opposite, but what does she know ;)

I allways gave everything away for free and maybe I could have a less hard time if I had been a good capitalist. But: Some people can't help it.

Please don't make this thread your personal payday. I know there are folks out there who do not like me or even hate me. And those folks maybe feel tempted to now tell me that I deserve what happens to me. Well if you think so... party on and keep it to yourself. It was not your sword which cut me down, it was just bad coincidence. And don't forget: Tomorrow some bad luck may happen to you.

I do not really feel well to post this, but it is the last thing I can do. If you don't want to use paypal, just message me for banking details. If you want to help in any other way, you can allways mail me.


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