Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Entomologia" musicvideo is online!

Yes, again it took quite some time, but this time it was not my fault, but because of the way my latest video was produced. I used 3D Raytracing Animation for the first time in this video and those parts had to be rendered upfront. 50 pictures/frames took one hour to render. If you keep in mind that each second of video takes up 30 pictures/frames, you can easily understand why this took some time. Well, and I must admit tht I had to stop rendering after a while some times, because I saw something was not ok and start rendering from the beginning. Well that's the way things go...
But now the video is finned and online for you to watch. As every time I uploaded it to all well known videosites, but the best quality is again on And here it is, the video for the song "Entomologia":

Entomologia from alionsonny on Vimeo.

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