Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Dub Reggae Song: "Springtime 2009"

Many of the listeners who like my songs of the reggaelike style have for sure waited for this: A new reggae song has been published. It is really "dubby" this time. Just right for a song of my anual "Springtime" song series. Well, and it became a real "Spacemonster". Full six minutes, packed with wobbly and spacy sounds. The riddim is my own one and especially the groovy and boomy bassline doesn't make me just a bit proud of what I have done. OF CAUSE a real "Springtime" song needs it's own video. And I am allready working at it. But as six minutes are not that easy to fill and I don't want to do a loveless quick-quick-work, it will take some time until it is done. let's wait and see. The material has been allready filmed and now needs to be cutted and composed. Everything should fit best. So, enough words -> I am at work! And here's the song: "Springtime 2009"!

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